Corporate Services

Selecting Talent for Fit

 Attracting and selecting qualified talent is the critical first step in the talent management cycle.  In order to attract the appropriate applicants and select the candidate with the best fit, you must first identify the required competencies for success.Our consultants can help you clearly define your position's performance expectations, identify critical competencies your candidates should possess, and develop success predictors.  Utilizing the PXT Select as our foundation, we are able to  analyze how the organizational culture and coworker characteristics may also impact the applicant's fit. 

Retention & Development

We help our clients retain productive employees with talent management solutions tailored to their specific organizational circumstances.  We develop in-placement and redeployment programs, workplace engagement surveys, coaching and competency assessments.  Our consultants are highly skilled in assisting organizations to identify employees' pain points, design career development programs and reduce burnout - keys to retaining talent. Learn more about developing talent to thrive with our custom to your organization program, Create Your Career GPS. 

Career Transition

 The most important separation benefit you can provide is a Career Transition Program. Allow Career Momentum to provide high-tech, personalized services to those who leave your employment. We will help you handle this difficult decision with compassion so that you, your retained employees, and your severed employees can move ahead in a positive way that will be best for all concerned. But we also provide your former employees the best coaching to help them move forward and excel in their next chapter.