Your consultant will guide you to career paths that best fit your needs, competencies, and desires.Career Coaching

Proactive, ambitious individuals know that coaching provides them with an objective sounding board to try out and hone ideas before launching out in a new direction. Our services are also helpful for those who want to get their careers back on track, or get re-energized mid-course. We can help you if you are unhappy with your work, have been passed over for promotions, have received less than satisfactory reviews, or have been terminated from more than one job.

We use both formal and informal assessments to help you clarify direction and identify strengths and potential derailers. We can help you develop a plan of action.

We guide, you do the work! Finding a satisfying career is often hard work but we will help you explore your options in a very effective and efficient manner.  



Assessment is the First Step

Top Ten Reasons to Take an Assessment

1. To identify strengths on which to focus

2. To sort out conflicting values and aptitudes

3. To identify to jobs and work environments that best fit your personality, aptitudes, and interests

4. To understand which questions you should ask before accepting a job

5. To help you develop specific goals and improve your chances of success

6. To examine your transferable skill set

7. To open your eyes to possibilities that you've never considered

8. To help you identify and avoid career pitfalls

9. To improve your on-the-job relationships

10. To discover your passion

Please visit our assessments page in order to view the different assessments we offer.

Research Companies and Careers

One of the biggest reasons cited by human resources executives for failure in interviews is lack of preparation - i.e. the candidate didn't do his or her homework about the company.

With all of the advancements in technology, there is an immense amount of information available on the Internet. It can be difficult to identify the most reliable sources to use while researching both companies and careers. It is also important to realize the internet is not the only resource you should use to do your research. We will help you use resources such as databases, social networking sites, networking, library resources, online job boards, and salary surveys, to assist you in understanding job requirements, salary ranges, and to get the "inside track" on companies you are targeting.




Informational Interviewing

Not knowing what to expect is one of the major barriers to changing careers. You don't have to use a "trial and error" method to figure out whether you should make that investment. Informational interviewing is a strategy that involves talking to people in a chosen career field to test out the information you have gathered from assessments and your research.

The consultants at Career Momentum will guide you through the proper procedures of how to conduct a professional and effective informational interview.








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