Job Search Strategies

You do not have to depend on third parties to help you get a job. Recruiters and agencies have their place in many job searches. However, your job search may be an exception. If you are seeking a position in the same industry or in a related job category, search firms might be useful. We have found that the following circumstances rule out the use of agencies:

  • Career or industry shift
  • Job history problems
  • More than seven years tenure with a company
  • Less than three years of job experience
  • Non-traditional educational path for the job

Create a Winning Strategy by:

  1. Developing focus
  2. Defining your career goals
  3. Identifying your target organizations
  4. Deciding on which tools to apply to your situation

The consultants at Career Momentum will guide you in those four things plus more. Once you have landed, we can coach you through development of an effective on-boarding strategy as well.

Let consultants at Career Momentum teach you  the building blocks of an effective job search strategy.

We help you develop

a plan and road map for your job search that puts you in the driver's seat. The tools we can help you develop are:

  • Research Skills (on-line, library, and person-to-person)
  • Networking Profile
  • Resume
  • Letters - Cover Letters, Thank You Letters, Letters of Introduction, etc.
  • Reference List
  • Job Interviewing
  • Informational Interviewing
  • Salary Research and Negotiations


A Well-Balanced Approach

The Career Momentum staff will help you form a self-directed job search that might include the following strategies: 

Web Job Posting Sites; Online Networking; Face-To-Face Networking; Referrals; In-Print Advertising; News Postings; Informational Interviewing; Recruiters; Placement Agencies; Placement Offices at Educational Institutions and Government Agencies

Utilize your job search for best fit


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