Selecting Talent for Fit

Interviewing for best fit

Attracting and selecting qualified talent is the critical first step in the talent management cycle.  In order to attract the appropriate applicants and select the candidate with the best fit, you must first identify the required competencies for success and create a winning search strategy.  The economy, retirement rates and expertise needed for the position all impact the availability of applicants.

Identifying Core Competencies

Our consultants can help you clearly define your position's performance expectations, identify critical competencies your candidates should possess, and develop success predictors.  We also analyze how the organizational culture and coworker characteristics may impact the applicant's fit.


Creating a Winning Search Strategy

Career Momentum can help you refine and implement a winning search strategy for any step of the process.  Working with various tools we can design and customize talent selection systems.  A winning strategy includes:

  • A systematic process that can be applied equitably to all applicants for objective evaluation of candidates (resume screening plan, valid pre-employment assessments, interviewing, and background checks)
  • Training for individuals who are to be involved in the selection process
  • Applicant sources that will draw candidates who fit your requirements
  • Adherence to fair employment guidelines


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about performance or competency models that help reveal the degree to which individuals "fit" in a given position.  Accurate and validated success profiles - competency or performance models play a vital role in the successful use of assessments in the workplace.

We provide our clients with two methods for building valid models for use in assessing candidates or employees:

What our clients say...

"As you know, we had used and researched several alternatives before discovering how reliable and accurate your assessment process is.  The benchmarking process reflects the unique nature of our positions and our organization's culture.   The assessment report and interview questions were used in our second and third interviews to provide an important part of the candidate profile we use to compare make our selection decisions."

- Director of Human Resources, Life Insurance Provider-

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