Distinctions of Career Momentum: 


Career Momentum consultants have years of practical business, professional, and educational experience. We are trained in coaching and have comprehensive experience with the business, education, and non-profit communities in the Madison area, so we can provide credible insight and advice regarding the job market and employment practices here. 


Assessment Tools

The assessment tools we use were developed and validated for business and professional application - not for the use in psychological analysis and treatment. 


Easy Access 

We do not accept third party payment from insurance companies that require a medical diagnosis. This means that you do not have to accept a label of mental illness or depression to receive services from us. 



Our consultants are very well networked in their local communities. 



We are partnered to other career service providers throughout North America. In addition, we know the employment agencies and recruiters in the area and make referrals when it is in your best interest. 


Buy Local

Career Momentum is member of Dane County Buy Local. This coalition focuses on supporting local businesses and keeping revenue local. All of Career Momentum and Career Partners International consultants are actively engaged in key professional and business associations which can provide you with input regarding your local job markets. By working with Career Momentum, you will help keep your local communities sustainable and prosperous by building social and economic capital.


Complete Service 

We are able to competently work with you through the entire career transition process from assessment to negotiations as well as helping you advance in the job. 



We have a solid reputation for integrity. We never promise more than we can deliver, but we deliver more than we promise. Our AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau has been earned because we are committed to ethics and value in providing services directly to individuals. 



We work with both individuals and corporate clients. Our work involves getting to know the intimate details of our clients' plan regarding employing. If we are to be a valued advisor, it is important that we have your trust. Therefore, it is our policy and our practice to never divulge details of individual consultations to corporate representatives, even if they are our clients. On the other hand, we will never tell our individual clients about plan that our corporate clients have revealed to us. 



We provide value from the first consultation. We don't use a "free consultation" to snag you into a high pressure sales pitch.  


Main Milwaukee Location:
200 South Executive Dr., Ste 101
Brookfield, WI 53005
For questions or to schedule an appointment in our Brookfield office,
call (608) 274-2430

Madison Location:
7941 Tree Lane, Suite 210
Madison, WI 53717
(608) 274-2430

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